I, Ms. Pranita Herwade, am an engineer by education, a researcher by passion, environment lover by affection, and science communicator by profession!

I have completed my Masters in Microwave engineering in 2015, and worked as a Research Scientist in the research and development organization under the Central Government of India, for three years. The work responsibilities I carried out were exciting and enhanced my learning, researching, and experimental capabilities, as well as confidence in my abilities. But, somewhere I was lacking in explaining my work to common people in an interesting way. The lack of science education and their enthusiasm, in addition to my poor communication skills used to trigger me to opt for science communication. At the same time, I experienced how people are fooled with misinformation regarding any scientific topic, such as research, projects, achievements, and even products affecting people’s lives and the environment too! This triggered me to be a science communicator.

I was enrolled in my second Master’s course in Technical Physics in Russia when I decided to start from scratch, and within the first semester, I terminated my course. I came back to India and immediately joined as an intern in a Mumbai based startup to learn communication skills. After three months of internship, I continued as a junior content writer for another six months, till December 2019.

In January 2020, when I felt confident enough to start my own, I shifted from an employee to a freelance content writer. The science communication work I carry out through this website as well as from other social media platforms of ‘Known Unknown’ is solely handled by me voluntarily.

If you would like to help and support ‘Known Unknown’ in any way, as well as for business queries you can contact me on knownandunknown2020@gmail.com.

Thank you!

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